Monday, July 5, 2010

No matter how old I am, I would prefer to be learning something. Now don't get me wrong I get so frustrated trying to understand new concepts... (blogs, adding posts, following blogs, adding a blog to follow????? UGH!! But like many times before, if I struggle at something I am usually very thankful and grow from the experience. So how does this all relate to my paper art!! Well for me it is learning collage. I have scrapbooked for years and I use very traditional design and processes. But this last week my very creative sister and I went to a class called Collage 101. It may have been a beginning class but it was way above my head!! Now let me have a few excuses... it was during the week and after work. I was tired, had a hard time staying focused and felt very much like the "fish out of water" But I was game for a challenge. Well sort of... Any way it was very interesting. I really still don't understand a lot but I want to learn. The one thing I do know is that I may be getting older but my desire to learn will never grow old!!! Here are my new adventures in collage 101..

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