Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Age of learning

I may be a year older but I still feel like there is so much to learn. In so many things, I have barely scratched the surface of what I want to experience. For my birthday present my wonderful sister and I are going to a class to learn how to make an Exposed Spine Travel Journal. The class is at a local stamp art store and I can't wait to go.  My journal will be using a family Hawaii trip we took in 2008! The family photo I have on my blog came from that vacation. In preparation, I am gathering up my items and putting together the required tool kit that you must bring.  I am just like a little kid, I am so excited!!!!!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

A Wonderful Bday

Well it was my birthday today and I had a fun day.  My hubby is giving (still in progress) a new blog background. It has become quite the project but I am very excited to see what the final outcome is. My older daughter came over and she gave me a workout.  I asked her to help me get more healthy.. What was I thinking.. she is crazy..  haha.. it was fun to workout with her but man am I sore..  Then in the afternoon, she helped get up the outside Christmas lights. I love lights. We have a new addition to our decorations. The cute little penguin. A wonderful ending to a wonderful day.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fast Weekend

I can't believe it is Sunday already. We had a lot of fun this weekend. I have to say the highlight was the Turkey Run..  Hubby chickened out at the last minute and stayed home but the four of us braved the cold and we even took our picture by the Giant Turkey..  Well I guess the Holiday season is now officially on.  Oh lots to do..

Saturday, November 27, 2010


This week's challenge at Inspiration Avenue is Ingenuity.  To begin, I have to say that I am kind of a outside girl. I am amazed by nature. I love to go to the ocean and just watch the waves come in and out.  See the change in the sand, look to see what drifts in from each wave.  I love hiking in the mountains, seeing the beautiful trees and streams.  So then I thought the change of nature is true ingenuity. Seasons are the ingenious display of nature's life cycle. A powerful truth to me is in Ecclesiastes "To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven." I do well when I remember this in my life and I feel great peace when I see His ingenious plan at work.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Behind on my Thanksgiving post..  But wishing all who celebrate Thanksgiving had a wonderful day yesterday. The day was a lot of fun for my family, first we started in the early morning with the Run to Feed the Hungry fun-run (pictures tomorrow hopefully) and then a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and ending with traditional family games.  This Thanksgiving I am thankful for many things and look forward to another year of many more blessings. I am also very thankful for all the new blog friends I am meeting and the wonderful support I have been receiving in this new found sharing of my love of art, crafting, and now blogging.    It Friday though so I have my Friday Top 5:

1.  Fuzzy gloves
2.  Over 25,000 wonderful people running (walking) to raise funds for those in need
3.  Yummy Turkey
4.  Dominoes after dinner
5.  A warm bed to sleep in after a wonderful day

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey Run

It said in the paper today that it is estimated to be the coldest Thanksgiving Day in Sacramento history tomorrow. Ok I know the estimated 28 degrees is probably a laugh for others but for this part of California that is cold. So please have warm wishes for my family and me as we participate in a fun run in the morning.  The event is called Run to Feed the Hungry.  It is a wonderful local charity event to raise money for the Sacramento Food Bank. The girls and I have been doing this run for the last 4 years but this year we have some new friends joining.  Hubby and my older daughter's boyfriend..  haha..    I sure I will have some fun photos but going to find some extra layers to wear tomorrow..

Monday, November 22, 2010

What to do first...

Where to begin. What do you do when you have more ideas than time?  I have projects to finish, I would like to try some new techniques, and I would like to participate in some challenges.  In times like this I struggle to stay on track and get creative. I tend to not start anything because I feel overwhelmed with too many ideas.  Well I guess I blog hopped some and that is all for today. Mental day..

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I have been incognito many times. When my life feels out of control but I must keep the happy face for the outside world. When family or friends are sick and I worry but I am strong for them. When my husband and I are upset with each other though we plan for our future. When work overwhelms me but I go home rest and return for another day. I believe how all this works is through Love and Faith. Of the things I do not know, I am sure of these.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

One week later...

I do not know where time goes and memory is all I have some weeks.  I had wanted to post so many things this week. I wanted to participate in challenges this week. And here it is one week later and all I have is memories of those thoughts and the truly hectic week.  I did not even have the energy to sneak on to blog hop and visit the wonderful blog friends I am getting to know. BUT no whining here from me...  because even though it is Saturday morning again..  here are my Friday Top 5

1. Beautiful morning sun this week on the way into work
2. Crisp cool morning so scarves are needed!!!
3. Making better connection with my upper managers
4. Moved to my new office and it has a big window with fall trees right outside
5. Rain

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Time Change

I am falling asleep way too early and again did not post my Friday items. I guess it is the time change. I love Fridays because the weekend is here and there is added energy knowing that we get to have two days of an altered schedule.  It usually starts on the way home.  My husband and I carpool so we talk about our work day and then start to relax and enjoy that we don't have to drive downtown for two days! Tonight there is lots of energy, every one has something to share.  My younger daughter is planning her homecoming events for next Friday.  My wonderful sister is here and we are sharing recipe information. I gave her a sample of the apple crisp because it was a recipe that she helped me with. She talks with my daughter as she helps her with the homecoming dress.  My older daughter and her friend come by to talk and have dinner with this crazy family.  The work week melts away and I feel happy and thankful for all that I get to be part of.

Much to be thankful for and the top 5 are:

1. Family love
2. Sharing funny family memories
3. Harvesting of crops
4. Young people and their energy
5. Pizza and beer on a Friday night!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A day of remembrance

A crisp cool morning looking out my front door...  It is Veterans Day and I put our flag out in remembrance of all those who have given the most for the freedom that I love and respect every day.  My brother-in-law and his dear friend Danny are some of those who we honor today. I know that my brother-in-law suffered much in the Vietnam War as a very young man of 18.  You would never know of this as he is very sweet and humble man. However, I respect him so much for the wonderful husband he is to my sister and uncle he is to my daughters. I am thankful for all those men and women who sacrificed for us and to my brother-in-law my love and honor everyday!


This is the Memorial to the Vietnam Veterans in the state capitol park in California. Here is a link with a description of the memorial.

It is very powerful tribute. The memorial is located next to a large rose garden so often there is a soft scent drifting in the afternoon that seems like an added honor to those names on the walls. I feel fortunate that I work downtown near the park, so I have been to this memorial many times. And since there are benches close by it is a nice spot to meet friends and enjoy lunch. No matter how often I may be there, I still feel that little tinge of honor for those who gave so much!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Second Sunday

I have already done a post today but I am off by a day so making up.. haha..  Sunday is a good day for my mental state and I enjoy it.  However, usually at the night I start to get edgy because I start thinking about my work week and the craziness that goes with that.  I have been off for a few days so I know there will be a lot to catch up on. So to keep my spirits up, I created an inspiration board to take to work.  I found a frame at an art store that was on clearance. Then I did some distressing to it.  Then for the board I covered the picture back with batting and then covered with the toile fabric. To hang, I drilled holes in the top and tied the ribbon.  I added a little embellishment with some buttons. For an added touch, I want to create special pins for inspiration items. Only one so far made with a ribbon bow. Ah, now I am glad to go to work and hang my new board. Keeping the positiveness flowing even at work! Good work feels good!


Sunday mornings and happiness go hand in hand for me.  I feel rested (usually), relaxed and a day to be home and take things into perspective.  I will say Sunday afternoons and evenings get crazy sometimes.  Trying to get ready for the week, groceries, and chores that can be done.  But for the early mornings I find peace.  A greater happiness for me is found on the beach.  So put together a foggy Sunday morning on the beach and there is no greater peace for me.  So here is my piece for inspiration avenue this week...  Happiness is...  And as we say in Mass, Peace be with You on this beautiful Sunday morning.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Opps.. this was for Friday

I guess I had too much time to play yesterday.  I did not have to work, took time off. Well did have to respond to some emails from work but for most of the day it was mine to do as I wanted. However, I was having so much fun I did not post what I had planned.  So a little late but it was SO exciting I wanted to add it.  I won a challenge on Spotted Canary and my prize came today!  IT was stuffed full of all kinds of wonderful things, paper, stamps, ink, edge punches, embellishments, wool felt, chip board, alphabets, stickers, totes, even a T-shirt.   I was so surprised.  Then, I got to have lunch and walk around shops with my older daughter.  She doesn't live at home anymore so I love when we can find some time to hang out together.  Then picked up my younger daughter from school and back home to work on a few projects. What a wonderful day.. so much to be thankful for..

My list of 5

1. Surprises
2. Daughters
3. Dealing with work and not letting it spoil my day
4. The colors of nature
5. Seashells

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Too much in my mind..

I have been working on a mini book for a coworker's retirement.  And this is the third time for the cover..  Like the saying goes "Third times the charm"???  I have to let it go..  Do you ever have those projects that you have so many ideas it is hard to stay focused and accept enough is enough..  I keep wanting to try more things or add more to it.  But I need to let it go..  UGH.. I just love the experience of trying something different.  But this project is done.  So much fun!
When adding ribbon, I have a hard time getting it to stay tied.  Used wire and added beads.

More pages and unit cover page

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Who would have thought 25 years..

Well, I can probably say that no one would have guessed this one.  To be honest, it was not the easiest thing I have ever done but I know in my heart of hearts that we both have stuck with it.  Just as we committed to in our vows, for better or for worse 25 years ago today, I married a man that has given me the ride of a lifetime! We have laughed, cried, and argued (maybe too much at times) but most importantly, we have learned from each other and grown up together.  I feel now looking back that it just seems very fast, we accomplished much, 2 amazing daughters and very full lives for ourselves.  I look forward to the future of retirement and many happy adventures.  But today in the present, I am thankful for the blessings of our marriage.  Who would have thought these silly kids could make it this far....