Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey Run

It said in the paper today that it is estimated to be the coldest Thanksgiving Day in Sacramento history tomorrow. Ok I know the estimated 28 degrees is probably a laugh for others but for this part of California that is cold. So please have warm wishes for my family and me as we participate in a fun run in the morning.  The event is called Run to Feed the Hungry.  It is a wonderful local charity event to raise money for the Sacramento Food Bank. The girls and I have been doing this run for the last 4 years but this year we have some new friends joining.  Hubby and my older daughter's boyfriend..  haha..    I sure I will have some fun photos but going to find some extra layers to wear tomorrow..

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Erin in Morro Bay said...

28 sounds plenty cold to me! We dipped below freezing Wed. morning and on my walk everything was frosty and sparkling. Quite magical! Congrats on doing the run - go you!