Sunday, March 30, 2014

Time out and creative

 I was in a hurry and created this spur-of-the-moment travel journal to keep simple notes and ideas in when I was on vacation. Well it has some of my drawings I have created too. This book has given me a place I can break all the rules. I want to practice and learn to draw more and more. I started drawing classes back in early high school and college but thought of other paths to take. (What was I thinking??? haha) Well never too old to try again, right?

I was on a little two day vacation at my most favorite place on earth, the mission at Carmel. I sat in the prayer garden and began to pray and draw. It was a wonderful time of peace and beauty. As I was sitting there on Friday, the windows were open and someone inside began to play the organ. It was so wonderful, I felt very blessed.

This little journal has become so much more then a place for notes and ideas. I have many fond memories now within it. Do you find that your art not only feeds your soul but captures moments of life in it too? Something I find very special to me.

My top 5 thankful items this week are:

1. Appreciating that I must make time for art

2. Weather can change quickly so grab the sunshine when you can, just like life do not wait for the perfect moment, live everyday

3. Earth-tone colors of red and yellow

4. Being able to put my toes in the sand even if for only a few moments

5. Learning to breath through some worries and letting go

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hellooooooo...... March has brought me back

Life is a funny thing. I seem to loose focus on the basic things that are important to me. Simply, ART makes me happy. To create it, to pin it (haha.. yes I am addicted  to Pinterest), to see others artist creations or to go to a class and learn new techniques makes my heart soar! However, somehow I forget and get stuck in the day to day thick of life. However, when you listen God leads you to where you need to be. I have come back to it and feel so wonderful. I hope there are still people out there and thank you if you are!

Here is what I have been up to lately... three current trades over at my Paper Traders group.

In this swap we are to create ATCs that are harmony colors on the color wheel. I chose blue and green. It is an interesting process to create in monotone. Even though they are basic colors, it still a blending process. For the bottom, I used a square pattern stencil and then used a white pen to add the dimension.

The group also does a Winner Take All monthly ATC swap. This is my entry this month.


And here is my work in progress. This swap is a Mixed Media Postcard. I used modeling paste for the first time with my stencil. I learned how at the Art is You retreat I went to last year but this was my first try on my own. For the background, I used old book pages and paint. Then I added gesso, paper flowers with paint. The bees are stamped with StazOn Ink so they would not blend or bleed into the background. I outlined the flowers and thought I was done... but it seemed to need something more. I wanted to add some depth to the sun so have started to add more ink lines. Need to get this done soon, mail out is next weekend. Wish me luck.. haha
How do you finish your projects? Know exactly and mail out early, work until you feel done, or some other way? Love to know how people end their creativity.

And as I do believe in structure and do know that I am truly blessed, here is my Sunday top 5 things I am thankful for.

1. The calendar said that the first day of Spring was on the 20th and it feels like it today

2. My fingers have had ink or paint on them all weekend

3. I am excited to be starting a new job in two weeks

4. Love of my family

5. My beloved Grandmother's birthday is Thursday and I know that there will be some good cake  and ice cream in heaven this week!!

Have a wonderful week, Amanda

Monday, September 30, 2013

Home and Artful

I came home yesterday from 4 days of an Art Retreat that was wonderful. This is the book we made in my first 2 day class. It is made with davy board. It is a little thicker than chip board. The edges are painted black and give it a wonderful aged look.

 Every page has an embellishment or technique. We started by covering each page with paper. I used map and chart paper. Then I spray painted stencils and covered pages with lots of natural embellishment like burlap, bark, hand-made papers, and fabrics. On the front page, she taught us how to cut out the board and add glass. I used a sheer fabric to add color.

After the pages were ready, we learned how to bind them. This was easier than I expected and fun. I want to do more so I remember how though.

This is one of my favorite pages. There are lots of natural elements on the pages. I used tin to make a tag with the palm tree image on it. The sticks are woven together with sting Also the metal is a St. Christopher that I tied to bark.

This was a fun experience and I met some wonderful artist. I will share more from other classes and evening events.

Have a wonderful week, Amanda

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My first Art Retreat

I am off to my first Art retreat tomorrow and I am so excited. I created some ATC to share with others at the retreat. As my first time going to this event, I wanted to create something that defines me. I love stamping, ink and of course Pandas so that is what I used on my cards.

I started the background with Alcohol and pigment inks. I then added some blue acrylic paint that I have the shinny.

Still wanting more design, I stamped circles.

I used the stencil again to create the flowers. Using gesso I created the petals and then added the centers with a paint pen.

I also outlined all the flowers with a black paint pen. I stamped my panda on a small piece of paper and then added it to the card.

I am very excited and a little nervous. I am sure I will come back with fun new ideas and inspiring knowledge. I hope to meet lots of talented art people too.

I will share it all when I get back.

Take care, Amanda

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Beach and Birthday Weekend

 What a weekend. We took a family camping trip to the ocean. It rained for part of a day but the rest of the time it was wonderful. I love the ocean and spending time with the family so it was a great weekend.

We did this trip for my younger daughter's birthday and this is one of her cards I made. She loves cupcakes and her favorite color is blue so this is all for her.

I am having fun creating banners on cards. This time I used ribbon to hold the letters. For the card deck, I used this cool paper that was embossed and had lots of texture. Then the cupcake is a punch that is very easy to create all kinds of styles.  This time for the bottom, I used sparkle paper.

Had so much fun this weekend, and I am truly thankful for the top five this week:

1. Ocean waves
2. Family fun days
3. Warm fires
4. Cooler days
5. Finding new places to Paddle Board!!

Have a wonderful week, Amanda

Friday, September 20, 2013

Art on a Friday

Taking some time off work is heaven! I have lots planned to do while away, and a few art projects are on the top of my list.

Here are my pages for Michelle as part of our art journal swap. For her pages, she requested cool colours, greens, blues, purples. I had so much fun with this theme.

Layers of color and gesso was the start. Then stamped over with a script stamp. Also though hard to see I added scraps of book pages and then blended them in.

The flowers are a new stencil I just purchased. There are three sets and they are all background patterns. I used gesso to form the flowers. After it dried, I sponged a light shade of lavender ink for the petals and used a golden orange paint pen to create the centers.

The edges are purple paint lines with penned dots.

Just a few finishing touches and I will be sending this off. I am really having fun making pages for this swap over at Paper Traders Yahoo Group

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

1st page in Ocean Art Journal

The 1st page of my Ocean Art Journal is coming along. I used lots of paint for the background. I added strips of book pages to give some layers. I kept adding gesso to blend the colors. To create the shore I used sea shell and starfish stamp, and added some real shells I have collected over the years.  Also used a wave stamp to add dimension for the ocean. I still want to create better edging but this is a good 1st page.

This quote came to me while I was working on the page and right now a process I am using a lot to get through work.

Lots to be thankful for this week and the top 5:

1. Even when I may feel that life is complicated, Art can soothe it all
2. My favorite hymn"The Summons" was the gathering song at Mass today
3. Stencils
4. Still working and know that each day I will do what I can
5. Everyday a new chance to try again

Have a wonderful week, Amanda

Monday, September 2, 2013

A Labor Day of art

It has been awhile since I have added to my blog. I miss checking in and visiting other people I am following. But most important is that I have been doing some art and it is time to get back into the swing of things. I have been working on my art journal for my Tip-In project over at Paper Traders.

I was playing with some Alcohol Inks and gesso. The rings were made with gesso and a bottle top. The little circles were from a homemade stencil of punched out circles.

It needs some edging so still a work in progress.

 This is a page I made inside. I used crumpled paper bags for the pages. I liked the way the gesso and the paint made a textured look. The image on the left was some goodies given to me from one of my swap partners. They are a great group of people.

And then more circles and rings of gesso and white paint.

 Here is one of the pages I have received from my swap partners. This is Shelly. The pieces are sea glass from the Bahamas where she lives. TOO COOL! The edge is hard to see in the picture but is has some of the sea sponge from there too.

I love the colors and her beautiful coral art work. She added on the page a quote from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow... "My soul is full of longing for the secrets of the sea" So true!!!

This is another swap tip in from Pam C. The fish are so awesome. The are embossed and have great colors and dimension. She added the quote from J.F. K. "We are tied to the ocean... And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch. we are going back to whence we came. I could not agree more!

Here is one more swap tip in page and this one is from Heather. What a great collage. I love the colors and the fun fish! I feel very blessed to be with such a great group and love all the wonderful pages I am collecting for this journal.

I will have more to share as I fill up my journal and fill in more of my own pages.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Blog Hop Winner..

 What a wonderful Blog Hop this weekend with Paper Traders. Thank you all for the nice comments and visiting my blog. And as shown, the prize is all wrapped and ready to go for the lucky winner!

And the Winner is Jo Murray!

Thanks and I will put this in the mail this week.

Take Care, Amanda

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Treasures

 Yesterday was so much fun! My sister and I went to a vintage antique show.

There were lots of vendors with wonderful items. Many vendors created very artistic displays. I am so inspired!

The icing of the cake was this amazing hand craved St. Francis statue. It was love at first sight! The birds are hand craved and added on the statue. I do not know the artist name as they wrote on the bottom in ink and it has rubbed off mostly. This little statue has a new home and it just made a wonderful day yesterday, perfect.

 This was another little jewel that I got. Have other pieces of this set from mine and my husband's family. This little dish is a fun addition.

Another simple item that I found yesterday is this vintage box of greeting cards. They each have a little sparkle. Love the box they came in, too. Can't wait to use one on a project.

Don't forget the Paper Traders blog hop, check the link on my sidebar or here

I am so thankful for my little treasures and such a wonderful day with my sister. My top 5 this week are

1. Learning to handle work frustrations
2. The spring sun
3. The artist I do not know that created such a beautiful St. Francis statue
4. Blessings from someone I need understand differently
5. Knowing that art gives me such great peace and joy

Have a wonderful week, Amanda