Monday, February 18, 2013

Time to be creative

A day off of work is so exciting. I have several projects that I am working on and I finished some recently. Though it is past Valentine's Day; these were some fun projects.
These cute mail boxes are from this fun blog. She has the design measurements and process photos. I was on a roll and made some for my office, my daughter's office, and even my other daughter's track team. Making cards and little things like this is a great stress reliever for me. These were good to make as I used up a lot of my white scrap paper!

Then I finished an ATC for February over at Paper Traders. The photo is a little washed out so it doesn't show the background too well. I am trying some new techniques. PINTEREST has so many great ideas!! The background started with chalk ink. I pressed the pad over a vegetable bag. Then added gesso and more inks. The random hearts are tissue paper, glitter paper, and scraps of paper. The lace was another scrap I had. I have scraps of paper, ribbon, and lace all over the place. How do you organize your scraps???

Well hope you have a great day, Amanda

Wednesday, February 6, 2013



Not sure how to say this but I wonder if anyone else feels this. I love to draw. Love to see the beauty around me. However, it is still raw my ability to capture it. I will keep working on it.
A few weeks ago I got to escape over to the Bay and saw an amazing sun set over the ocean. I was drawing and added some watercolor pencils.  



Then the next day we went to my favorite museum and viewed art by the Masters. Before we had to come home, we took a moment over at the Golden Gate Bridge. The water, sail boats, and amazing red beams were just one of those moments you just can't help but love. I plan to keep trying to sketch these things; and if nothing else, it is my excuse to go back.

Enjoy your day, Amanda

Monday, February 4, 2013

Pages for me

I received these awesome pages from Shelly at Paper Traders. Like the projects I have been working on others have been working on pages for me. My requirements are a theme of Ocean. This is the first one I have received. The pages are beautiful. The background is watercolor and blending. The corral is hand painted. And then the two pieces of glass pieces are from the ocean where she lives. She also included a Longfellow quote. This is so me, I just love it. I really love working with this group and the items we share with each other. I am blessed.

Have a wonderful week, Amanda

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Blank Slate

Art can do so much and I found that it helps me in many ways.

I am working on my next tip-in trade pages for the swap at Paper Traders. The request is White on White pages. I love this idea. So here is my first phase. I cut the pages and there are elements I want to use but do not know if it will all stay.

The heart is something I cut with the cricut on some ledger looking paper and the very tip has a butterfly.

 This is some texture wallpaper with leaves.

This is some tissue paper with a light pink pattern. She said that muted color was acceptable. I am still thinking but gesso could cover some. I really love this paper because of the shine and the pattern.

Even with a request of white on white there are many options. Starting with a blank slate is refreshing and reminds me that there is always an option to restart and hope will guide you through.

Wonderful days and much to be thankful for and the Top 5:

1. So much to learn and enjoying every minute


3. Stressful job helps me to value my art time

4. Time with my girls

5. The many blues of a morning sky

Have a wonderful week and wishing you projects that give you hope.