Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another week went by and no further on any projects. Had to work yesterday and next week looks just as busy. I am trying to do little things but not staying motivated. I will do something today.. There is also a fun challenge on Spotted Canary website I want to do and I need to get it done and enter it.. So hopefully more to post soon!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Been a long week.. Haven't done any art work but looked through some art on the Internet. Lots of beautiful art out there. I love to see what people create. Hopefully make some of my own soon.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Multi-tasking... I have such a hard time getting what I need to do to keep the family running and what I want to do to keep my creative soul happy. I usually tend to try to do it all, what our society calls multi-tasking.. But I am finding what I need to do is leave more art in progress. I try to rush to finish it or worse I won't even begin something because I feel that I won't finish.. But today there are work in progress and I am leaving them right on my table.. I feel like it is a mess but I am trying to enjoy every piece of the art process and so I need to let go of the mess concept. Here is the view of work in process!

Friday, July 9, 2010

TGIF... I am done for the week.. No artwork created today or any great ideas.. just a moment to reflect on projects that I have done and liked..
My attempt at a ATC..

Simple layout but one of my first attempts to sew on the pages.
A blanket I made for a friend.. added a heart with an old picture of us and some embroidery on the inside.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Well it is Thursday.. I am looking forward to the weekend. At work, I am a new manager in a very busy state office. I am trying so hard to learn as much as I can but the stress gets to me! I loose focus and energy. In these times, I really feel uncreative and very dragged down. BUT some time ago I found out about this awesome book, The Artist in the Office by Summer Pierre. What a great concept book. I have tabbed the "remember this" pages and so days like today I will read a page and try to do what it offers. So today was "Lunchtime Adventures". By lunchtime I was thinking I had way too much to do but I made myself get out of the office for a quick walk. I walked around the block. And being new to the area, it was fun to walk and see the old buildings (I work downtown). Also the new city hall has nice grounds and beautiful art work. Sorry, no pictures today I will bring my camera next week to share what I see!! Today, I may have a tired mind but at least my creative soul got a little play time..

P.S. Summer Pierre has a website..

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Monday.. I mean Tuesday.. Work day, lots to do even if the Governor believes that we are not worth it!! Sorry political soapbox that I will try not to over due. Just hard when I want to take care of my family and we keep getting a reduction to pay. The positive is that I stay home more and use the time to create and learn techniques. So looking for the positive!! Like yesterday, I was home and practiced some collage.. I used cream and gold paint for the background added in the meadow alcohol ink and some current ink too.. still learning how to texture and add dimension. I like the panda pic and the grass layering..

Monday, July 5, 2010

No matter how old I am, I would prefer to be learning something. Now don't get me wrong I get so frustrated trying to understand new concepts... (blogs, adding posts, following blogs, adding a blog to follow????? UGH!! But like many times before, if I struggle at something I am usually very thankful and grow from the experience. So how does this all relate to my paper art!! Well for me it is learning collage. I have scrapbooked for years and I use very traditional design and processes. But this last week my very creative sister and I went to a class called Collage 101. It may have been a beginning class but it was way above my head!! Now let me have a few excuses... it was during the week and after work. I was tired, had a hard time staying focused and felt very much like the "fish out of water" But I was game for a challenge. Well sort of... Any way it was very interesting. I really still don't understand a lot but I want to learn. The one thing I do know is that I may be getting older but my desire to learn will never grow old!!! Here are my new adventures in collage 101..

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Jumping in...

Well here goes nothing..

Totally a newbie at this and so here it goes. I love to create art with paper. But having a full time job, family, and not as much energy as I used to, my art tends to get on the back burner. I do fit some in. I scrapbook, make cards and go to classes, expos, or art shows with friends. There is hope though, the kids are getting older so finding a little more time for my art. I believe that I find inspiration everywhere. My biggest inspiration will always be the OCEAN.. Love to go there, sit, listen, and breath it all in! I will retire one day and it will be somewhere near the ocean!! But until then a created a little book for my mind to go there when I can't physically!