Thursday, July 8, 2010

Well it is Thursday.. I am looking forward to the weekend. At work, I am a new manager in a very busy state office. I am trying so hard to learn as much as I can but the stress gets to me! I loose focus and energy. In these times, I really feel uncreative and very dragged down. BUT some time ago I found out about this awesome book, The Artist in the Office by Summer Pierre. What a great concept book. I have tabbed the "remember this" pages and so days like today I will read a page and try to do what it offers. So today was "Lunchtime Adventures". By lunchtime I was thinking I had way too much to do but I made myself get out of the office for a quick walk. I walked around the block. And being new to the area, it was fun to walk and see the old buildings (I work downtown). Also the new city hall has nice grounds and beautiful art work. Sorry, no pictures today I will bring my camera next week to share what I see!! Today, I may have a tired mind but at least my creative soul got a little play time..

P.S. Summer Pierre has a website..

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