Sunday, March 30, 2014

Time out and creative

 I was in a hurry and created this spur-of-the-moment travel journal to keep simple notes and ideas in when I was on vacation. Well it has some of my drawings I have created too. This book has given me a place I can break all the rules. I want to practice and learn to draw more and more. I started drawing classes back in early high school and college but thought of other paths to take. (What was I thinking??? haha) Well never too old to try again, right?

I was on a little two day vacation at my most favorite place on earth, the mission at Carmel. I sat in the prayer garden and began to pray and draw. It was a wonderful time of peace and beauty. As I was sitting there on Friday, the windows were open and someone inside began to play the organ. It was so wonderful, I felt very blessed.

This little journal has become so much more then a place for notes and ideas. I have many fond memories now within it. Do you find that your art not only feeds your soul but captures moments of life in it too? Something I find very special to me.

My top 5 thankful items this week are:

1. Appreciating that I must make time for art

2. Weather can change quickly so grab the sunshine when you can, just like life do not wait for the perfect moment, live everyday

3. Earth-tone colors of red and yellow

4. Being able to put my toes in the sand even if for only a few moments

5. Learning to breath through some worries and letting go

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hellooooooo...... March has brought me back

Life is a funny thing. I seem to loose focus on the basic things that are important to me. Simply, ART makes me happy. To create it, to pin it (haha.. yes I am addicted  to Pinterest), to see others artist creations or to go to a class and learn new techniques makes my heart soar! However, somehow I forget and get stuck in the day to day thick of life. However, when you listen God leads you to where you need to be. I have come back to it and feel so wonderful. I hope there are still people out there and thank you if you are!

Here is what I have been up to lately... three current trades over at my Paper Traders group.

In this swap we are to create ATCs that are harmony colors on the color wheel. I chose blue and green. It is an interesting process to create in monotone. Even though they are basic colors, it still a blending process. For the bottom, I used a square pattern stencil and then used a white pen to add the dimension.

The group also does a Winner Take All monthly ATC swap. This is my entry this month.


And here is my work in progress. This swap is a Mixed Media Postcard. I used modeling paste for the first time with my stencil. I learned how at the Art is You retreat I went to last year but this was my first try on my own. For the background, I used old book pages and paint. Then I added gesso, paper flowers with paint. The bees are stamped with StazOn Ink so they would not blend or bleed into the background. I outlined the flowers and thought I was done... but it seemed to need something more. I wanted to add some depth to the sun so have started to add more ink lines. Need to get this done soon, mail out is next weekend. Wish me luck.. haha
How do you finish your projects? Know exactly and mail out early, work until you feel done, or some other way? Love to know how people end their creativity.

And as I do believe in structure and do know that I am truly blessed, here is my Sunday top 5 things I am thankful for.

1. The calendar said that the first day of Spring was on the 20th and it feels like it today

2. My fingers have had ink or paint on them all weekend

3. I am excited to be starting a new job in two weeks

4. Love of my family

5. My beloved Grandmother's birthday is Thursday and I know that there will be some good cake  and ice cream in heaven this week!!

Have a wonderful week, Amanda