Monday, August 29, 2011

Moody Monday

Cards for friends and a package I am making for a fundraiser. Ever year the State has a Employee Charitable Contribution Campaign and this year my department wants to have a silent auction craft fair to raise money. So I am putting together a package of homemade cards. It won't get much but every dollar counts. I am a little behind, package has to be ready by Wednesday!! UGH...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday slowdown

Taking it a little slow today. It was a very hot day and I am not feeling 100%. We were planning another hike today but hopefully next weekend. Instead, today I finished my journal piece from last week's hike to Folsom Lake.  I still remember the breeze and how beautiful the lake was. Lots to be thankful for today and the Top 5 are:

1. Time to slow down
2. Prayers to those on the East Coast and hoping that all are safe
3. That my sister had a good trip and that she is home safe
4. That teenage years do not last forever!!  (sorry just had to find the cup half full part..ugh)
5. Sharing birthdays for friends and a short work week!

Hope all have a safe and wonderful week.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Morning bliss

It has been a tough week. I am thankful for the weekend. I need to do something that makes me whole again. This is a project for the Paper Trader's group I am in and it looks like a lot of fun, bleached background paper. I am starting early as it is soccer season and I will be off later to go to her game but sneaking a little me time first. I have some other projects to work on this weekend so lots of fun!!  BTW.. My prayers go out to those on the east coast hoping that this new storm does not become too intense and that any in the path stay safe.

Friday, August 26, 2011


I am so glad that it is Friday. A busy week and lots going on this time of year so I am ready for some weekend time. This week, I did get to sneak in a little painting. This was really for my daughter's project, she wanted a painting of rain on the ocean. I really like how the ocean gets darker when it rains and I tried to capture that. For the wave white caps, I added lines of gesso. For the rain, I flicked blue from my brush. I still want to learn perspective and shading better but having fun.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Keeping constant

One of my traits is consistency; I joke about it and call it “Auto-pilot”. I can see it in this card. I have used the flowers and paper before. I realize that I like certain creative elements and feel confident to use them. Do you have a comfort creation? I think that is why I love to follow blogs; there are some artists that will create different pieces all the time and I enjoy seeing what they do.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Some more time

My daughter took an art class last year and her teacher said "If you think you are done, you aren't". I have to say, I did not and maybe still do not get what she was trying to say to the class. However, today I understand it a little. This pieces started as a little watercolor drawing. I then added it to a bigger piece of paper and collaged around it.  Then added some gesso, ink, and shells. I kept looking at it and each time I thought I was done. Not sure if I am done but this is where it is so far. Maybe she was saying that art is emotional and can change??  What do you think??  However, this was a fun project that I did for a challenge over at Paper Traders, check it out.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Moody Monday

A busy weekend, I enjoyed all that I was able to work on. Now it is back to the work world and I still wish I could get more done. But this card is one finished project. The tree was made with the cricut. I tried creating layers by cutting different sizes. Using vellum for the label, gives a softer touch.
Wishing all a good week.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday appreciations

Yesterday was a fun and relaxing day. I went on a hike around part of Folsom Lake. It was on part of the Pony Express Trail. This trail is part of the route from St. Joseph, Missouri. However, the lake was not there back then, it was created when they built the Auburn Dam.

The lake is pretty full this summer do to more rain this year. It was nice to see all the water and some geese enjoying the day. I have a drawing but I am still working on it. Today, I just wanted to relax and work on a few projects. I am truly thankful for a lot and the top 5:

1. Hiking local trails

2. Time for art

3. Watercolors

4. Finding peaceful ways to handle my frustration

5. Found items and second chances

Friday, August 19, 2011

Back to the drawing board

My original envelope came back (took a picture but lost it in my camera.. ugr!) I had put the wrong address. That is an easy fix. So after that I sent it right back out!!  Yeah.. not that I wouldn' t mind making some more, I just have some other projects I would like to work on.. so let's hope this time I did it right.

Literally, starting over on my post cards. I am participating in my first swap and am very excited. I worked on them a lot and finished early. Again being so eager, I sent them in early. But maybe because of this eagerness, I did something wrong and they have not arrived yet. I am very lucky that I had sent a note and Lenna emailed yesterday to say they still have not gotten there. Not sure what I did but there is still time to make more and meet the deadline! So I get to play some more and create 3 new cards and this time be very careful how I send them..  So my question is.. do I create the same designs again? Well I guess I really can't because some items were one of a kind. So I think I will use some ideas from before but change a little. And then when I am done, I will be very careful as I won't have enough time to do again. Wish me luck.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Don't Blink

Just like Kenny's song... "Don't Blink; You just might miss your babies growing like mine did" I can't believe it but it was the first day of senior year yesterday. How did that happen, she was just this little baby in my arms. It is the beginning of a great year and I know that it will fly by so taking a second to appreciate her.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another card for staff

I do like to put colors together. I wanted the card to be soft but bright. It takes a steady hand to stamp those little letters. Thank goodness for the background stamps at least it helps a little. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rather be...

Some days I would just rather be there! Just a little fun learning to watercolor. I started with a pencil drawing and then watercolored it. Some day I will do this a lot more..  Where would you rather be today, or are you right where you want to be??  

Monday, August 15, 2011

Color themes

I really liked the color theme this week over at Play Date Cafe . This is my card for the challenge. I used a golden texture paper I had for the base. The sections are BoBunny paper. I love the double-sided paper, it makes so many possibilities . The backing paper and ink is True Teal from CTMH.  I cut the flowers out of the teal background paper using my new cricut. The center of the flowers are silver micro beads from Martha Stewart collection. The Happy Birthday stamp is from Inkadinkado. Then for a last touch, I added little jewels on the crown on top and the birthday tag.

Moody Monday

Yep it is Monday again... I did have a creative weekend and that always makes the week following a little easier. I finished this ATC. I appreciated the support comments about letting it sit. I am still learning but this worked out. Added the stamped dragonfly and then wanted something else and these words were rambling around in my brain so I added it to the card. Under the word Love, I added a heart made from tissue paper. Then added the black pigment ink to the edge. NTS, pigment takes time to dry so don't pick up the card and then a white piece of paper. For awhile, I could not figure out where all the black smudges were coming from! Haha.. 

P.S. I added this to a WTA swap on a great yahoo group Paper Traders.

Wishing all a great week!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Top Thoughts

FAIR WARNING... Emotions are top of the list today.. I feel so much support in blogland. I may not get to sit down with a great cup of coffee (or tea) and have a heartfelt conversation with my blog friends BUT I do get so much support, guidance, and friendship from so many I visit and that visit my blog. Every time I think that I am not a real artist or I doubt myself, I can log on and read some comments from wonderful people or visit some of the blogs I follow and I am restored! A perfect example is this journal. It worked into a challenge at Inspiration Avenue and I received so much support and positive comments that I love this journal even more. I added my first post and then added this little badge inside that is a stamped image of Hero Arts and then watercolored over it using my pencils and a wet brush (a technique learned in blogland!). I am growing artistically and so thankful, the Top 5 are:

1. Friends I have met in blogland
2. Patience is a virtue I really need to keep reminding myself of
3. Watercolor pencils
4. To remember to challenge myself and do what I fear
5. Prayers are my strength and roots

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer Sun-kissed

It has been warm here again but the "Delta Breeze" has come in the afternoon to keep it livable. Those wonderful breezes make me daydream of a picture I cut out of a magazine. Then the theme at Inspiration Avenue is Sun-Kissed so I decided to create that picture. I started with water color pencils. I drew and used a wet paint brush to get the color. Then the hammock is made from a mesh bag and gesso. The palm tree is scrap paper (always a few scraps need to be included.. haha) The sun is stamped on tissue paper with some yellow watercolor behind it. The final touch was adding the small shell pieces.

Friday, August 12, 2011


I am looking forward to the weekend. I have had this ATC on my desk all week. Still learning how to add items without over crowding or just creating a concept. I like the colors of this card but not sure what to do to complete it.. How do you finish a project that you are not sure of? I am thinking a butterfly or something.. ugh. I need to just leave it alone again.. maybe something will come to me later.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A fun place to go and a 1000 post giveaway too!

Creative Swaps 1000 Post Giveaway

In my blogging travels, I am finding such fun places to learn, share, and win! haha  For a little over a year now I have been blogging, so when I find blogs that have been going on for years, I am very amazed. And for mine, I hope to do the same.

Well one of these great blogs I visit is Creative Swaps by Lenna. And since she has reached her 1000 posts, she is doing a great giveaway. With several chances to win, I really like all of the various prizes but if I had to pick one that I liked best it would be the collage items. Who doesn't love winning lots of fun items like that. Well I hope you take a hop over and check out the swaps and enter to win some fun prizes!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wonderful Mail Day

  After a long day at work and then running errands, I had such a wonderful surprise in the mail box. A package from across the pond. The postage stamp is so cool. I will be saving that and using it on a project!

This was the label that was on the package. I love the design and it was made from recycled paper.

Then I opened the package and what a wonderful piece of art was inside. It is from a blogger friend at  Evil Ednas world domination plans. It is part of a "Pay It Forward" posting she had. As you can see it made of pizzle pieces glued together. She has layers of colors, it looks like some metalic one too.

I tried to capture the embossing that has been added. There are all kinds of designs that look like gears, cogs, and other round items.

There is also a beautiful metal piece that she had added. It is a vine with leaves and flowers. It is such a unique piece. I am so thankful to have this little piece art from a very creative blogger friend. THANKS so much Evil Edna...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Still more cards

This card was for my daughter's friend. I seem to be in quite the card making mode. This card was one of those that put itself together it seemed. I had pieces of the paper and when I had them next to each other, they just seemed to belong. I really like these flowers from my cricut. I added glue and the micro beads to the center of each. I also used the glue and drew the curly on the birthday tag. I used the golden ribbon under the flowers to give more dimension.

For this card, I used cut outs from a birthday paper packet. I used a flower edge punch for the top and the bottom.The butterfly is a cricut cut-out and I added the micro beads and the wire bead antenna. Added the pink pearls to the brown ribbon and label.

I used the crimper again to get the cupcake bottom and the pearl dot for the top of the icing.

I love these balloons double layer stamps from Stampin Up. Used a the crimper again to add paper to the front edge. Used the edge trimmer for the side and the brown to cover the full edge of the card..

Monday, August 8, 2011

Moody Monday

Well Monday Monday..  my day of days.  But this week has much in store. Going to an after-work party, very busy work week, but ending the week by taking a dear friend out after work for her birthday. I created this card for her. I love Leo Buscaglia and this statement just adds the perfect touch to the card. "A single rose can be my garden... A single friend, my world" I am looking forward to our day and glad that I have her card.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday summer

Some Sundays start out peaceful and slow, I just tend to relax, pray, and think about things with a different mindset. Today, I enjoyed being with my mom and sister. I feel very comfortable with them, I don't have to be a certain anybody with them. I am just who I am. It was a simple day of breakfast and then some errands, it kept me in a Sunday peaceful mood. I also had created this ATC as a thank you to the post card swap host. I used a inked background and lighten the color with some gesso. I then stamped the "Thank you" on the tissue paper and added it on. Then stamped a heart on red decorative paper and added it.  Added the ribbon to the bottom with a butterfly sticker. Then to give an edge, I added more gesso. The final thing was to add the three brads to the top. On the back side, I wrote my thank you. This was a fun card to create and I am very thankful for what this day brought and my Top 5 are:

1. Breakfast with family
2. Summer breezes and simple days
3. Remembering that nothing is forever
4. Working outside my comfort zone
5. Sending off my first swap items

Wishing all a mellow and simple week.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Swap Postcards

 I have been working on three post cards as part of a mail art swap at (creative swaps). This is my first swap and my first mail art. The theme is to answer the questions "A summer's day...". This one is A summer's day at the beach. I created it based on a stamp I have of a palm tree on an island. The tree is paper with stitched palm branches. Added shells to the shoreline and suns to the sky.

The back has more paint and in keeping with the theme, I used the fish, suns, and a stamp "Life is good at the beach".
The next card is a fun take on the summer theme. What else can say summer then a cool Cerveza! No matter what, it is 5 O'clock somewhere!
Add bright colors and little images to the back side of the post card.
The last one is a garden theme. The focal is the bee. The sun is shining and the flowers are blooming. In the left corner you might catch a real Johnny Jump-Up. Added another small flower to the corner. With the note "Bee You" to give a positive garden feel.

These were fun to create and I look forward to see what I get back in return!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Special card

This is an attempt to make a card for a special celebration. My daughter's friend little girl will be 100 days old. This is a Korean tradition to celebrate the 100th day of life of a child. I am not sure what would be the right type of card but this was fun to make. I created the screen by using my circut to cut these small banner pieces. I used chalk and tissue paper on the background. I free handed the branch but the flowers are also cut outs from the cricut. Added the gems to all the flower even a small branch with two flowers on the inside. I am also trying improve my photos. Want to catch the dimension of the card and focus the background more. Well this seems to be a little better.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Moody Monday

Yep it is monday again and I am thankful for all I have and what I am able to do. I find so much enjoyment in making cards and it will be something that I will want to do for a long time. I know I get grumpy about work but I will keep thinking of other options.. This simple card was easy to put together for my daughter to give.

Wishing all a good week.