Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday slowdown

Taking it a little slow today. It was a very hot day and I am not feeling 100%. We were planning another hike today but hopefully next weekend. Instead, today I finished my journal piece from last week's hike to Folsom Lake.  I still remember the breeze and how beautiful the lake was. Lots to be thankful for today and the Top 5 are:

1. Time to slow down
2. Prayers to those on the East Coast and hoping that all are safe
3. That my sister had a good trip and that she is home safe
4. That teenage years do not last forever!!  (sorry just had to find the cup half full part..ugh)
5. Sharing birthdays for friends and a short work week!

Hope all have a safe and wonderful week.

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Marilyn Rock said...

Love your art and words here. Thank you for your prayers, too. We needed them. We made it through Irene and we are very fortunate to have not suffered lots of damage. My heart goes out to loved ones lost from the awful storm.