Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday summer

Some Sundays start out peaceful and slow, I just tend to relax, pray, and think about things with a different mindset. Today, I enjoyed being with my mom and sister. I feel very comfortable with them, I don't have to be a certain anybody with them. I am just who I am. It was a simple day of breakfast and then some errands, it kept me in a Sunday peaceful mood. I also had created this ATC as a thank you to the post card swap host. I used a inked background and lighten the color with some gesso. I then stamped the "Thank you" on the tissue paper and added it on. Then stamped a heart on red decorative paper and added it.  Added the ribbon to the bottom with a butterfly sticker. Then to give an edge, I added more gesso. The final thing was to add the three brads to the top. On the back side, I wrote my thank you. This was a fun card to create and I am very thankful for what this day brought and my Top 5 are:

1. Breakfast with family
2. Summer breezes and simple days
3. Remembering that nothing is forever
4. Working outside my comfort zone
5. Sending off my first swap items

Wishing all a mellow and simple week.

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