Friday, August 5, 2011

Swap Postcards

 I have been working on three post cards as part of a mail art swap at (creative swaps). This is my first swap and my first mail art. The theme is to answer the questions "A summer's day...". This one is A summer's day at the beach. I created it based on a stamp I have of a palm tree on an island. The tree is paper with stitched palm branches. Added shells to the shoreline and suns to the sky.

The back has more paint and in keeping with the theme, I used the fish, suns, and a stamp "Life is good at the beach".
The next card is a fun take on the summer theme. What else can say summer then a cool Cerveza! No matter what, it is 5 O'clock somewhere!
Add bright colors and little images to the back side of the post card.
The last one is a garden theme. The focal is the bee. The sun is shining and the flowers are blooming. In the left corner you might catch a real Johnny Jump-Up. Added another small flower to the corner. With the note "Bee You" to give a positive garden feel.

These were fun to create and I look forward to see what I get back in return!


Evil Edna said...

I would say cool, but that could spoil the summer sun theme!EE

Magpie said...

What! We have to wait til 5:00 to have a cerveza? What's wrong with starting when the sun is over the yardarm? Teehee. (That was 11 a.m. in the days when the expression came about :)

I love all of the postcards! Each one is so summery in its own way. The colors are great and I love that you did the matching backs.

Thanks for visiting my blog! Enjoy the weekend!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Amanda, thank you for your email. I love all your postcards! They are so full of color, paint + ink - just wonderful! I will add them to the creative swaps blog when they arrive, thank you. lenna