Friday, August 19, 2011

Back to the drawing board

My original envelope came back (took a picture but lost it in my camera.. ugr!) I had put the wrong address. That is an easy fix. So after that I sent it right back out!!  Yeah.. not that I wouldn' t mind making some more, I just have some other projects I would like to work on.. so let's hope this time I did it right.

Literally, starting over on my post cards. I am participating in my first swap and am very excited. I worked on them a lot and finished early. Again being so eager, I sent them in early. But maybe because of this eagerness, I did something wrong and they have not arrived yet. I am very lucky that I had sent a note and Lenna emailed yesterday to say they still have not gotten there. Not sure what I did but there is still time to make more and meet the deadline! So I get to play some more and create 3 new cards and this time be very careful how I send them..  So my question is.. do I create the same designs again? Well I guess I really can't because some items were one of a kind. So I think I will use some ideas from before but change a little. And then when I am done, I will be very careful as I won't have enough time to do again. Wish me luck.


Marilyn Rock said...

Enjoy your first swap; they are fun. I just heard "Kenny's" song, this morning, while working out and it's one of my favorites. So true isn't it? Your girl is lovely! My boy is now 35 - yikes! Enjoy the moments! xxoo

~*~Patty S said...

Swaps are such a fun way to stretch our creative muscles and get to enjoy other's artwork too

Happy weekend to you and yours!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Don't worry amamnda, I will let you know when your postcards get here! You were so good & mailed them early, not due until Sept 17 -that everything will work out. ; ) lenna