Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Top Thoughts

FAIR WARNING... Emotions are top of the list today.. I feel so much support in blogland. I may not get to sit down with a great cup of coffee (or tea) and have a heartfelt conversation with my blog friends BUT I do get so much support, guidance, and friendship from so many I visit and that visit my blog. Every time I think that I am not a real artist or I doubt myself, I can log on and read some comments from wonderful people or visit some of the blogs I follow and I am restored! A perfect example is this journal. It worked into a challenge at Inspiration Avenue and I received so much support and positive comments that I love this journal even more. I added my first post and then added this little badge inside that is a stamped image of Hero Arts and then watercolored over it using my pencils and a wet brush (a technique learned in blogland!). I am growing artistically and so thankful, the Top 5 are:

1. Friends I have met in blogland
2. Patience is a virtue I really need to keep reminding myself of
3. Watercolor pencils
4. To remember to challenge myself and do what I fear
5. Prayers are my strength and roots