Thursday, August 11, 2011

A fun place to go and a 1000 post giveaway too!

Creative Swaps 1000 Post Giveaway

In my blogging travels, I am finding such fun places to learn, share, and win! haha  For a little over a year now I have been blogging, so when I find blogs that have been going on for years, I am very amazed. And for mine, I hope to do the same.

Well one of these great blogs I visit is Creative Swaps by Lenna. And since she has reached her 1000 posts, she is doing a great giveaway. With several chances to win, I really like all of the various prizes but if I had to pick one that I liked best it would be the collage items. Who doesn't love winning lots of fun items like that. Well I hope you take a hop over and check out the swaps and enter to win some fun prizes!

1 comment:

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Thank you so much, Amanda! i have you down for three chances at winning and know you favor the collage pack. Good Luck and thanks for spreading the word! : ) lenna