Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wonderful Mail Day

  After a long day at work and then running errands, I had such a wonderful surprise in the mail box. A package from across the pond. The postage stamp is so cool. I will be saving that and using it on a project!

This was the label that was on the package. I love the design and it was made from recycled paper.

Then I opened the package and what a wonderful piece of art was inside. It is from a blogger friend at  Evil Ednas world domination plans. It is part of a "Pay It Forward" posting she had. As you can see it made of pizzle pieces glued together. She has layers of colors, it looks like some metalic one too.

I tried to capture the embossing that has been added. There are all kinds of designs that look like gears, cogs, and other round items.

There is also a beautiful metal piece that she had added. It is a vine with leaves and flowers. It is such a unique piece. I am so thankful to have this little piece art from a very creative blogger friend. THANKS so much Evil Edna...

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