Sunday, March 30, 2014

Time out and creative

 I was in a hurry and created this spur-of-the-moment travel journal to keep simple notes and ideas in when I was on vacation. Well it has some of my drawings I have created too. This book has given me a place I can break all the rules. I want to practice and learn to draw more and more. I started drawing classes back in early high school and college but thought of other paths to take. (What was I thinking??? haha) Well never too old to try again, right?

I was on a little two day vacation at my most favorite place on earth, the mission at Carmel. I sat in the prayer garden and began to pray and draw. It was a wonderful time of peace and beauty. As I was sitting there on Friday, the windows were open and someone inside began to play the organ. It was so wonderful, I felt very blessed.

This little journal has become so much more then a place for notes and ideas. I have many fond memories now within it. Do you find that your art not only feeds your soul but captures moments of life in it too? Something I find very special to me.

My top 5 thankful items this week are:

1. Appreciating that I must make time for art

2. Weather can change quickly so grab the sunshine when you can, just like life do not wait for the perfect moment, live everyday

3. Earth-tone colors of red and yellow

4. Being able to put my toes in the sand even if for only a few moments

5. Learning to breath through some worries and letting go

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Anne Payne said...

It's beautiful! And what a special moment for you to share. I don't draw so I've never made anything like this. I have a writing journal but now I might have to do a little decorating in there, too :)