Sunday, February 3, 2013

Blank Slate

Art can do so much and I found that it helps me in many ways.

I am working on my next tip-in trade pages for the swap at Paper Traders. The request is White on White pages. I love this idea. So here is my first phase. I cut the pages and there are elements I want to use but do not know if it will all stay.

The heart is something I cut with the cricut on some ledger looking paper and the very tip has a butterfly.

 This is some texture wallpaper with leaves.

This is some tissue paper with a light pink pattern. She said that muted color was acceptable. I am still thinking but gesso could cover some. I really love this paper because of the shine and the pattern.

Even with a request of white on white there are many options. Starting with a blank slate is refreshing and reminds me that there is always an option to restart and hope will guide you through.

Wonderful days and much to be thankful for and the Top 5:

1. So much to learn and enjoying every minute


3. Stressful job helps me to value my art time

4. Time with my girls

5. The many blues of a morning sky

Have a wonderful week and wishing you projects that give you hope.


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