Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Treasures

 Yesterday was so much fun! My sister and I went to a vintage antique show.

There were lots of vendors with wonderful items. Many vendors created very artistic displays. I am so inspired!

The icing of the cake was this amazing hand craved St. Francis statue. It was love at first sight! The birds are hand craved and added on the statue. I do not know the artist name as they wrote on the bottom in ink and it has rubbed off mostly. This little statue has a new home and it just made a wonderful day yesterday, perfect.

 This was another little jewel that I got. Have other pieces of this set from mine and my husband's family. This little dish is a fun addition.

Another simple item that I found yesterday is this vintage box of greeting cards. They each have a little sparkle. Love the box they came in, too. Can't wait to use one on a project.

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I am so thankful for my little treasures and such a wonderful day with my sister. My top 5 this week are

1. Learning to handle work frustrations
2. The spring sun
3. The artist I do not know that created such a beautiful St. Francis statue
4. Blessings from someone I need understand differently
5. Knowing that art gives me such great peace and joy

Have a wonderful week, Amanda

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