Sunday, September 22, 2013

Beach and Birthday Weekend

 What a weekend. We took a family camping trip to the ocean. It rained for part of a day but the rest of the time it was wonderful. I love the ocean and spending time with the family so it was a great weekend.

We did this trip for my younger daughter's birthday and this is one of her cards I made. She loves cupcakes and her favorite color is blue so this is all for her.

I am having fun creating banners on cards. This time I used ribbon to hold the letters. For the card deck, I used this cool paper that was embossed and had lots of texture. Then the cupcake is a punch that is very easy to create all kinds of styles.  This time for the bottom, I used sparkle paper.

Had so much fun this weekend, and I am truly thankful for the top five this week:

1. Ocean waves
2. Family fun days
3. Warm fires
4. Cooler days
5. Finding new places to Paddle Board!!

Have a wonderful week, Amanda

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