Sunday, November 7, 2010

Second Sunday

I have already done a post today but I am off by a day so making up.. haha..  Sunday is a good day for my mental state and I enjoy it.  However, usually at the night I start to get edgy because I start thinking about my work week and the craziness that goes with that.  I have been off for a few days so I know there will be a lot to catch up on. So to keep my spirits up, I created an inspiration board to take to work.  I found a frame at an art store that was on clearance. Then I did some distressing to it.  Then for the board I covered the picture back with batting and then covered with the toile fabric. To hang, I drilled holes in the top and tied the ribbon.  I added a little embellishment with some buttons. For an added touch, I want to create special pins for inspiration items. Only one so far made with a ribbon bow. Ah, now I am glad to go to work and hang my new board. Keeping the positiveness flowing even at work! Good work feels good!


Tammy said...

How pretty! I would love to hang that up too. How fun. What type of work do you do that you can use an inspiration board?

Erin in Morro Bay said...

My weekend is Saturday-Sunday and I know just what you mean. When Monday late afternoon-evening rolls around I start worrying about the work week starting up again. I really like my job, but, hey, weekends are always better right?