Thursday, November 4, 2010

Too much in my mind..

I have been working on a mini book for a coworker's retirement.  And this is the third time for the cover..  Like the saying goes "Third times the charm"???  I have to let it go..  Do you ever have those projects that you have so many ideas it is hard to stay focused and accept enough is enough..  I keep wanting to try more things or add more to it.  But I need to let it go..  UGH.. I just love the experience of trying something different.  But this project is done.  So much fun!
When adding ribbon, I have a hard time getting it to stay tied.  Used wire and added beads.

More pages and unit cover page

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Erin in Morro Bay said...

The great thing about having too many ideas for a particular project is that then you're all ready for the next one!
This looks charming, and I know your co-worker will be quite pleased.