Sunday, August 15, 2010

Who knew...

I am still arranging the space of my new room and it is a lot. I brought in my photo boxes and projects from the closet of the other room. I am very guilty of getting lost looking at all the memories and reminiscing about the times gone by. I found some old pictures of my first wedding anniversary. (It will be 25 years this November) We have been blessed with two wonderful daughters. So lots of memories and pictures to look at. But I do have alternative motive.. Our younger daughter will be 16 next month so I want to put a memory poster or small album together. However, she figured out what I was doing and said she does not know why I do this stuff.. but my heart tells me in about 10 or so years she will know. Because who knew that I would have had such a wonderful life and these scrapbooks, pictures, and art work could take me back to those moments and make me even more thankful!

A page layout using our 1st year wedding anniversary
A cross stitch pillow that was in my daughter's bedroom when she was little.

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