Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday quote... when all else fails.. hug your PANDA

When all else fails.. hug your PANDA.. What a day.. work drains me and I feel like I am just going to go home and fall into bed.. But then I log on, start visiting people's blogs and I feel so good again! There are some great blogs out there and I truly enjoy looking through them and seeing what wonderful art people are creating.. Still being new at this is so much fun. I am so excited that I finally listened to my sister and jumped in!! Love you sis! And I really love all the blog friends I am getting to know. As for my art work.. I seem to create backgrounds with the same paint and color technique.. I will learn about resisting and apply that to my colors?? Ah but must be another day.. I am having fun but just not enough brain left to handle it.. tomorrow.

1 comment:

Kiki said...

Beautiful piece! And so lovely to have a sister like that! AWesome! Enjoy your new creative advntures..keep shining!
PS: thankyou for your lovely visit and words too!