Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Windowsill treasures

I have a fun little desk where I create my art. It is right under the window in the room. I love the spot in the day time because I open the blinds and can look out and see the side fence and little bit of yard. It is our side fence but there are vines growing over. Some ferns have taken on the space and made a little jungle. Little birds, butterflies, and even a few hummingbirds have stopped by this summer. A fun creative spot to be. But today I noticed that I have added quite a bit of things to the windowsill. I have a new fetish, glass jars. I have started putting things in them, but there are still lots of miscellaneous items growing there too. HAHA.. Well it is a dark rainy evening and I guess I just was distracted by the growth of my windowsill.

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Shelinwa said...

Love this. I have often thought of blogging my window sill too. You have challenged me. Hey that even sounds like a good challenge for IA Hmmmmmm What do you think?