Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Memory

I may be clear across on the other coast from the 911 tragedy but I remember what happened with a respectful heart. There is a soft cool breeze today that is giving our area a nice reprieve from the 100 degree heat and gives me hope of a cooler future. In a similar hope, I wish all those who were more personally effected 10 years ago by the terrible event feel the cool breeze of time, loving memories, and a knowledge of all our support and care. And today I give a special prayer for all 2,977 killed and all of those who protect, are rebuilding, and supporting our beloved country. I am truly thankful for all and my top 5 are:

1.  Memories and thoughts for those who have lost so much

2.  My time with my family

3.  Work

4.  Good thoughts and being strong for changes I need to make


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