Sunday, November 6, 2011

Getting back into it

Everyday there are choices to make that have outcomes and effects. Lately, my choices have given me a lot to do and put me on a HUGE learning curve. However, when I get too far off, my soul brings me back to where I need to be. So here I am writing a new post after over a month away. I missed it dearly. Let's begin, last Wednesday was my wedding anniversary and we took a trip up the coast to Fort Bragg. I brought my journal and sketched the footbridge at Pudding Creek.  I learned some things on this trip. I like adding color and it is amazing how the wrong green or blue changes everything. And waves are a challenge for me.

The camera's eye from a different angle and so beautiful. Hubby and I daydreamed of how to retire here. It is our happy middle ground. He loves the redwoods and I love the ocean; this is the best of both worlds!!

And who would not want to live near a carved redwood PANDA statue!!!  I was so excited. I really wanted to take him home with us, but it would not fit in the car. This was a wonderful trip. Lots and lots of thankfulness and the top 5 are...

1. A Redwood Panda

2. Coming back to center, a spot I need to keep closer too

3. Trust

4. The belief that there are opportunities for me out there, I just need to be open

5. Paper, ink, watercolor pencils, and all kinds of fun toys to play with

Have a wonderful week!


Erin in Morro Bay said...

Glad to see you back!! What a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary, did you get to the sea glass beach? I've always wanted to go, but never have. Really like your drawing, very evocative of time and place.
PS Great panda!

Marilyn Rock said...

Welcome back and Happy Anniversary. A great way to spend it! Thanks for sharing! xxoo