Sunday, January 22, 2012

Little books

Here is a little scrapbook I made for my daughter's birthday. It is a Big Word book spelling CAT. I added the sign on the C to put in her kitty's name.

Here is the A page. She loves cheetah print so could not help but use some of that for the background papers. I added stickers, jewels, and ribbons for the embellishing. I also used the Cricut to make a kitty and the dragonflies. (A special bug that the kitty loves to chase, she fits her name).

The T page had the most room so added some extra pictures and lots more ribbons and jewels.

The back page is just more of the items used throughout. I did have fun using a rolling paw stamp. And I had gotten a tiny punch at Halloween that was a kitty so just had to add those in. Then tied the ribbons on the book rings that holds all the pages together. This was a simple fun project that I hope she likes. My younger daughter has seen it and now wants one for her kitty. Better find another book.. Haha  I am thankful for the fun and my top 5 this week are

1. Making scrapbooks, always my first love
2. That my daughter is a part of my life
3. Sharing a wonderful dinner with my family
4. Keeping balance in my life
5. Staying true to who I am and looking for opportunities to improve

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