Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday feeling like Sunday

 I finished a project today.. I was thinking it was Sunday because it just feels like it so I am going with that..  I was part of a swap and we exchanged Love Notes. Everyone created a beautiful embellished envelope with a love note inside. To finish the swap we were to create a book to put them in. This is the cover page. The rose and hand on the bottom was an image I used on my envelopes.

Here is the front inside view. I received 5 beautiful envelopes in the swap. They now are pages in my new book. The binding is according folded cardstock to hold each envelope.

Here is the back of the book. The masked cupid is also another image I used on my envelopes. This was a fun project. And though I missed it as it is not Sunday, here is my top 5 items I am truly thankful for.

1. A wonderful day spent with my sister and mom
2. An extra day to create art
3. Knowing as Lent approaches that I can be focused
4. WW recipes
5. Wine

Wishing all a wonderful week..

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