Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Journal

Finally got this together. This is my new Art Journal for a challenge at Paper Traders, 2013 Word Prompt, Life Mantras. They have a great link for the making of this from Teesha Moore's website. This journal was created using one 140lb watercolor paper 30x24 sheet. She has great video instructions on her site. The final size of this journal is 8x10.

I remembered to take some pictures as I was painting it. Forgot to when I was making it but it is a start. I made some of the mistakes she talks about but it is my first one of many more. It is really easy to make and I love the way it comes out.  

Some pages are fold-ins. Love the size and creative options this makes. I do like adding the paint and with a wet brush spreading the color and then taking a paper towel and removing some and adding swirls of dimension. (Another video on Teesha's site)

I made my brush too wet and colors bled through to the other pages. (She warns in her video)  I will do better next time. The varying color shading is so fun. I do need to get back to the journal though. ,In this challenge, each month we are to follow a word prompt and January is Live Simple and must include stamping. As it is the 27th, I better get to getting.... 

I am very thankful for so much but my top 5 are:

1. Sunday morning of beautiful winter sun

2. Watercolors that are never the same twice

3. Catholic Schools Sunday and little ones in uniforms, first time in 20 years it is not my girls (A little feeling old... haha)

4. Remembering that no mistakes just options

5. Fresh pages for creating

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