Monday, April 15, 2013

Another Art Page

I was behind getting my page done this month for the Word Prompt Journal. Check out the sidebar link to see all the great pages created by members and others who have joined in.
I did want to try some new techniques for this page, so used a dollie and gesso for the first layer of my page.

 This is the dollie. It had four corners so I decided to use each one on each corner of my page. I see that this technique is tricky to know how much gesso to use. It is a fun surprise each time to see what would show up.

Next I blended some alcohol ink on the page to add more color. The theme for the page was to use some symbols of time. I used my stamps with clock faces and clock hands.

I am trying to practice my art lettering. It is a work in progress. I stamped letters and then tried to add to it. I need to let it be.. I will keep trying.

Then I wanted to add this little bird. I created a nest using strips of paper and layered to create the effect.

Here is the final page.

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debbie woodard said...

I love what you did with the doily and gesso, and the green color. I want to try this!