Saturday, October 16, 2010

Brain ideas and then the Real World

Creation of art inside my head flows with abundance and ease at times.  I guess that is similar with my emotions.  Some are good and give me cause to follow a dream or commit to a belief.  Sometimes though when reality sets in (or may I say a little negativity), I will look externally. Lately I have been reminding myself that I can seek support from others but strength comes from a calm deep place within myself and my faith.  But if I need a dose of "realness", I can always rely on my wonderful teenage daughter to help me laugh at life and myself as she informed me today that she is glad she did inherit my "Ditsy Gene." Too funny!! But my art is "Ditsy" and that is OK with me.. Haha.. I love teenagers!!

A work in progress, liked it in my head but not so much now that is out in the real world...

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