Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Fun Day

Weather is finally changing to Fall here!!  It is even lightly sprinkling..  YEAH my favorite weather..  I am done with summer and love the Fall so I am in a great mood.  Not to say that there is not a million things that need to be done but I was just thinking about that Bangles song, Manic Monday. (Love those 80s) ..  the one verse about "I wish it was Sunday...'cause that's my fun day.. My I don't have to run day."  Well I am taking that to heart today..  I not going to pressure myself until Monday..  Paper, ink, stamps, stickers, and ribbon..  AH.. heaven..  First project was to redo the mini book cover page for my coworker..  I think it is better this time.

Now on to Halloween projects Boo Gifts, cards, and maybe even a wall hanging for my office..  Lot's to do and more energy to do it!  Lots of things to think about and enjoy the creative energy.  A very blessed day..

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