Saturday, October 23, 2010


This week's challenge at Inspiration Avenue is Harvest.  This photo is a new favorite of mine that hubby took last month.  We carpool to work in the downtown; however, we are fortunate to live in the rural suburbs and go through farm land on our way in each morning.  We watch the fields as they are prepared and planted at the beginning of the season.  Then we watch as the plants start to grow from little seedlings to the full crop.  During the high growth season, in the early mornings we get to watch the crop duster fly over and swoop down low and spray the crops.  Then at the end of the season, we watch and the fields are harvested and these great hay bale rows are created. It is the time-old cycle of beginning, growth, and final ending.  I love to watch this process.  Every season has a turn and only when it is time does the next happen. Something that is helpful for me to remember for myself.


WrightStuff said...

That's a great piece you made there which perfectly captures the sentiment. I love watching the year's progress in nature too. Love all the detail and little touches yuou put in this.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a great photo and a thought process that brings this piece to life. I love how you show the cycle of life and seasons in this piece. It is a perfect challenge piece, that's for sure.

gemma said...

Amanda,Harvest Blessings to you too. Isn't it amazing watching the cycle of the crops?
Nature is miraculous.