Sunday, December 5, 2010

Book Class

What a wonderful day! The class was so much fun and I learned a lot. There was only 5 students in the class. First we learned how to create the book front and end covers. For mine, I was able to use the cover page from the Maui magazine that I had kept.

The back cover is a map of Maui

The next step was to create the pages for the book. Pages are created in sections called signatures. Each signature has a cover. This book has 5 signatures using plain paper and some with designs.

Within a signature extra items like a brochure can be added. This is a really fun and unique way to put in items from a vacation.

After all the signatures were created, it was time to sew it all together. Sewing together the pages is done in a very systematic way. As the signatures are sewn together, beads are threaded in for the spine.  Straps are put between the sewing and once it is all complete the straps are glued to the covers.. 

I plan on adding a lot more embellishments and photos. This was a fun process and I really want to make a few more so that I remember how to created the whole book and putting all the pieces together in the right steps. 


Kat W said...

I wish I could have been at this class - I would love to have a go at making a book like that. I've tried learning things from books but it is not the same as a class.

Your book looks beautiful and inspirational.

Kat :-)

Kat W said...

Ooh I've just seen you have one of my blog buttons on your side bar. Thanks. I wasn't sure if anyone would like my amateur offerings, so that's really nice that you did. :-) I shall be sure to mention & link back to you in my next post.

Kat X

Erin in Morro Bay said...

Your book looks wonderful, and it's so great to have a technique like that in your bag of tricks. And, how fun to share the class with your sis.

Robin Norgren said...

I bet you are having so much fun! I think it would add to my love of books and journals to actually be able to CREATE my own.