Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday feelings...

Well this was a fun weekend. I survived my present to my daughter.. haha.. I was not sore the next day either which surprised me. Part of her run is these MEGA hills and so we start by going down them.. I did that no problem.. then she tells me that we circle back and will have to come up the hills!! AGH.. I gave it a try but ended walking up more then half of each hill.. and she just ran right up each hill.. amazing.. I really did have fun and I love to see her run, she is so strong.

Then my younger daughter has her permit and is learning to driving. She is good and has been learning but we have had a few opps..  I have put my imaginary brake on a few times and she said that a few times I scared her more then the driving.  My deep breathing and sudden AGH.. was not helpful but too funny. I know we will laugh about all this someday.

Then comes Sunday. Love this day. I try so hard to hold on to this feeling during the week. I spend time at home, read blogs, work on some art project, and weave in the weekend chores. Just a great day to be thankful and my top 5 are:

1. Beautiful winter days
2. Imaginary brakes
3. Bicycle ride with my crazy running daughter
4. New cardstock paper
5. Family gatherings filled with good food, fun times, and shared love

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