Monday, February 21, 2011

Put it together

In my art journey, I have learned that I really like putting pieces together. Trying not to judge myself so harshly when it doesn't seem to fit. I guess that is why I love SCRAPS.. Even though I have a tiny desk, I cover a lot of it with scraps.

I love the design of Art. Not sure if that makes any sense but it is the best way to describe what I am learning. I like to see how paint works with ink. I like different types of paper and how it works with different medias. 

My plan today started with thoughts of ART.. and what I did was create lots of layers and pieces.

I did complete a piece I have been working on. Can't show it all right now as it is part of my "Pay it Forward" and I want it to be a surprise. I had fun with gesso today. I tried it with paper and then I added it to the frame. Then I had fun putting the frame together. I will show more another day.

1 comment:

Kat W said...

I'm with you! I too love pieces and the adventure of putting them together. I like things like the corrugated texture you've used. From what we've been able to see this looks like it will be a great art piece full of imagination.

Kat :-)