Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Life

Feeling very mixed up today. I realize I am a California Kid, I love the sunshine. Today's weather was predicted to be stormy and rainy but God had better plan; it is sunny and beautiful. As for me, feeling pressure from work and financial issues. Emotions are a little edgy. So when I feel like this, I usually put my art and personal expression away. Been doing that for the most part of the last few weeks. I did make some Valentine treats last Sunday but just not feeling myself. Again God has better plan! I LOVE SUNDAYS. I needed a little extra faith today and God took care of that with the beautiful sky and white puff clouds. When He provides beauty, He knows how to do it right! So all that negativity I have been keeping in needs to go. I really need to remember that I can do that through my art expression. I will create something today. I am thankful for so much; Top 5

1. Self reflection and acceptance
2. Puffy White Clouds
3. Peace
4. Art
5. Family

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Erin in Morro Bay said...

We've missed you - good to have you back here in Blogland!