Sunday, February 27, 2011

Winter Sunday

It is cold outside and warm inside so what better place to be then surfing blogland. There is so much too see and learn that time just flies by. I am working on lots of projects and have new ones I would like to get to. But then I look at my desk. I love my paper scraps and have shown on previous post how they were all over. However, my desk is small and one of my new year goals was to be more organized. SO today I cleaned out the scraps and the ones I kept I put in a cigar box. Now they are still easy to access but contained in a small area. A good project to have completed today, thankfully. My list of top 5 thankful things today:

1. Cigar boxes
2. Never ending love for scrap paper
3. A warm home
4. A daughter that is growing up
5. Questions that sometimes just need time to answer

Have a great day.

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