Monday, February 28, 2011

Learning curve

Do you ever feel awkward? I am trying to learn and in that process I tend to feel awkward when I create something that I thought was going to turn out one way and it kind of doesn't.. AGH.  Another thing I am trying to learn is that Art is an expression not math.  I will not be given a formula with an equation and one correct answer.  (Ha, I know my sister will smile when she reads this because she knows how I am) So I keep on expressing my art and I hope that the awkwardness gets less. Completed another page in my travel journal. I did not want white pages so I rubbed ink on. Then not sure I created some waves on the bottom. I added some pictures to the page. Wanted to add micro beads so tried to create a shell with them?? 

Then so to not add another photo, I drew a sea turtle. Then ended with my journal on the first page. As I look back, I am wondering how to plan a page and not just add things. Any suggestions?? Thank goodness I have more pages in the journal and I will keep going. 

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