Sunday, May 15, 2011

Second Sunday post

I had a late night on Saturday as I was wanting to get back into the creative mode.  Busy days and ability to put my brain in the mode took a lot more time then I expected. However, Sunday is a day that I have created into a mental health day and a day to celebrate my creative side. I am still stumbling with the idea and making sure that it happens but today was just made for it. So two Sunday posts.

It was a rainy cold morning. When I got into my room, I was feeling a little down. Started to think of work and the crazy things I have on my plate this week. With all the budget problems the State is having and all the negative publicity towards State employees, I have taken some of that on personally. But contrary to the newspaper and media reporting, there are State employees that keep working even with the cutbacks and lack of resources. My staff are a great group of hard working people doing the best they can with what we have. Soap box, sorry but letting it get to me... 

BUT.. then I looked out my window... The rain drops were landing on the honeysuckle and the leaves looked so amazing with the drops.

And then not sure if it shows but I stared at the honeysuckle for awhile. There are lots of buds and a few blooms. So just like in life, when it is raining you can see it as cold and messy. Or with a deeper look (simple prayers) and an open mind you will see the beauty in the future of the small buds and early blooms if you look for them. I have found this to be such an important aspect in my life, I will do my best to do this more often. My top 5 thankful Sunday items:

1. Quiet mornings and making time for prayer
2. Beauty all around
3. Blog friends offering warm support
4. Colors of nature
5. Taking each day with an open mind

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