Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

 Today brings sentiment and honor out in me. I love history and being a California Kid have learned a lot about my state history, the Gold Rush, the California Missions, and learned to appreciate the sweet nectar called tequila! Ha.. had to the add the last piece. But today brings out a sentiment that is a lot bigger. Though the country is young compared to others, the history is very interesting and honorable. We were watching an HBO mini series last night "John Adams". It showed some details that my memory or history lessons had forgotten. One was the flag above. I found today that George Washington used this on the Naval ships he commissioned with his own money to support the American Revolution. The large Pine tree was one symbol the colonies used to define their struggles and strengths. In honor of all these fore-fathers gave, I created some of the flags.

Here is the Betsy Ross flag that was used at the birth of our nation. I respect what these people and the military give to this day so that me and my family can enjoy freedom. Blessings to all today and thankfulness to those great people who did so much.

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see you there! said...

Stopped in to check on what you have been doing and what do I see? The prize I won for your Hundred Post give-away (big smile).

Looks like you are continuing down the creative path.