Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Monday was One Year Anniversary

Hard to believe that as of Monday, July 4th, I have completed my first year blogging. I enjoyed creating art and making posts. A real favorite of this year is all the blogs I have visited and the wonderful blog friends I have made. I am learning so much and barely touched the surface of what I want to learn.

Some highlights this year...

 My first collage page.. from a class I took.

One collage I created myself.

 Moved into my craft room when older daughter came home from college and then moved out.

 My Editor and Chief.. he still lays on my desk when he thinks it is time to go to bed or he is hungry.. And will hit the delete button if I do not comply soon enough.

 My small book for younger daughter's 16 birthday.

 My 2010 collage book cover

 My first challenge entry at Inspiration Avenue

 My crazy scrap paper pumpkin.

 Retirement book for coworker.

 Open Spine Book made in a class and still working on filling up.

 Pen cup created from a sour cream container and runny paint.

 Older daughter's Christmas present.

 One hundred post give-away.

 2011 Collage book

 Fancy Cigar book I received from a coworker.

 My pay-it-forward art piece.

I look forward to more fun this coming year and continued friendship in blogland. Thanks for all those who come visit me and I appreciate all the wonderful comments and support.


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Erin in Morro Bay said...

Congratulations! What a milestone, and what a lovely body of work you accomplished. I love my pay-it-forward piece - I smile every time I look at it.