Thursday, July 28, 2011

New weekday routine

I have begun a new work routine. Once I get to the office and before it gets too crazy and hot, I take a walk. So here is what I see. I leave from my office on G Street and head up to an area called Old Sac and is located next to the Sacramento River. I head up a street and overpass to the I Street Bridge. (Sorry the picture is fuzzy as I used my phone, I keep forgetting to bring my camera.)

This is a very cool bridge. It is 100 years old built in 1911.When a boat is too big to pass underneath, this whole piece turns to allow the boat to pass through.

Now looking across to the Tower Bridge. An icon of the State. When standing on this bridge facing east, you look down and see the Capitol. When a boat can not go under this bridge, the middle section raises up. This is even a more famous spot now because of a Television series called "The Mentalist" staring Simon Baker (Very Cute). The show is a police like series where Simon Baker plays a consultant the helps solve crimes using his Mental talents. The series is set in Sacramento, California. They use this bridge as a main point in their shots. I have to admit I would always look down to see if there is any filming going on as they do locally sometimes. But haven't caught anything yet.

Then this is my walk back down and back to work. I love the building skyline. There is the Federal building, the Library building and some of the newer skyscrapers. 

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