Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Overload of thoughts

A few weekends ago we went up to Lake Tahoe, North Shore for a one night trip. It was a beautiful, simple trip and we did a little hiking too. The first night we were able to just get over to the lake before the sun set. I started to draw with my graphite pencils and then later added in the watercolor pencils. I am having fun drawing perspectives. The other thing is that I used my Maui journal. So I think I need to rename the journal as it is now has lots of areas. Oh well.. How do you keep your journals?? I think I would like to make more journals!


Now here is a camera view of the lake. Before we left, I took a picture at the same spot. The camera catches alot of shading. This is fun to see from the camera veiw compared to my drawing. So much to learn...


Erin in Morro Bay said...

The photo is nice, but I like your drawing much better!

see you there! said...

This is a great drawing!