Sunday, September 18, 2011

Busy Sunday

Today was one of those days that it took longer than I would hope to get some things done. I have wanted to try making these pinwheel folded paper for awhile and thought I would use them. I like them but there is a lot of different concepts. The width and then the length effect the size and the fullness. So several attempts to create one that would work on my card did not happen but I still like them.

This big one is 2" by 12". I like the fullness but too big to fit a card. Also I tied the ribbon backwards, so I would need to cover up the string if I use it.  The one in the corner is 1/2" by 6" but still too full. So need to change up the scoring width. Well not really working out today so need to go to plan B. I am still learning and thankful for a plan B.

However, my top 5 thankful items are:

1. Courage to start up a side business I have wanted to do for a long time and belief that I can do it

2. That there is more than one way to create opportunities

3. Friends and family that believe in me

4. Warm weather (I have to be thankful, right???) UGH

5. That my baby girl can't grow up any faster!

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