Monday, September 19, 2011

Moody Monday

When is a Moody Monday not a moody Monday? Well, when it is my baby daughter's birthday. She would not like that I call her that but she will always be my little girl. She is 17 today and it does not seem possible. She loves to bake and cupcakes seem to be her signature. She is just learning and will be doing an internship this fall and into the holidays at a local bakery. I cannot believe how time has flown by and she never ceases to amaze me.  I made this card for her. The cupcake is a cricut cutout and I just learned the ribbon making technique. I stamped the background to add the swirls. And for the embellishments, I love the heart button on the cupcake.

Then my older daughter wanted a card for her sister and I could not help but create this using one of my all-time favorite pictures of them together. The background is a cutout from the cricut. I loved the old buttons for the center of the flowers. Still working with the small letter stamps. It is hard to get them even and then to not get the edges. But all in all, these cards are very sentimental to me and I wish my lovely daughter a wonderful birthday.


Marilyn Rock said...

They are always are babies aren't they? Even my 35-year old son :)

Happy Birthday to your daughter and I love the cards you did for her. The pinwheel you did, too, is awesome!

Marilyn Rock said...

Hi Amanda;
FYI - I have new Blog:

Had to start anew - too many serious blogger issues they cannot remedy. Hope you'll visit when you can. xxoo