Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cards for Charity

Here is the first card in my package for the fundraiser. This was made using my cricut. It is fun to cut out pieces using the different cartages. The birthday present is using one side of the paper with the background using the other side. This Bo Bunny paper was left over from the journal making class I took. I love the reversible kinds, makes for lots of opportunities.

For this card I used the fun background paper and then made the butterflies, title, and Happy Birthday with the coordinated purple and tan paper. I like making the butterfly antennae with wire and beads.

This was made using the layers of paper backed with card stock. I have ribbon with Birthday statements and I am learning to create tags and design the labels.

 I love this card. There is a crown in the background and I put little jewels on each tip. I like how the coordinated teal color and stamped label all tie in with the paper. I also cut these flowers with the cricut and then added the micro glass beads. Hope these cards sell to raise money for the campaign.

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Marilyn Rock said...

These cards are so lovely. All with great compositions and design!