Wednesday, September 7, 2011

keep on trying

From the hike on Monday, here are a couple of  my sketches. This is on the trail at the Blue Oak Loop. It was a high point to look back on the seven pools. I still struggle with drawing an object with dimensions and shading to define it. ROCKS... practice and practice

Camera's eye and view point.

This is the little bit of the waterfall. I am sure in the spring there was a lot more water but none the less it is just beautiful to see. Rocks and flowing water are hard for me to shade and get a depth.

Camera's eye. This was such a beautiful spot. Still with lots of shades and dimensions, I need more practice. What challenges do you have in your art journey?


Erin in Morro Bay said...

These are great! You've captured the colours and the feeling of the spaces quite well. And you are so right, practice, practice is the key. Looks like it's working well for you.

Marilyn Rock said...

Your practice is rewarding you! Beautiful!

Barb said...

Very good interpretations of your wonderful photos!