Sunday, September 4, 2011

Beach Treasure

This piece has been in my mind since the beginning of the week once the theme was put out for Inspiration Avenue. I still believe that there is more to this piece but it is where I am with it now. I still feel like there are ideas in my head that don't come out as well on paper.


Hettienne said...

Oooh I like, I like. I would like to soee some more pics - there is a lot of detail there! You captured her gracefulness perfectly!

artangel said...

Your mermaid is lovely Amanda!

I love all the shiny elements - her dress, the sea, her necklace - they suit the theme really well. And your use of real shells is clever!

I think we all sometimes have the feeling of the idea in your head being different to what comes out on paper! I find sometimes the secret is to let go of what's in your head and go with the art - let it become what it wants to :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm so, so glad I can once again leave comments on your blog because I would be very upset if I had to look, but not comment on this beauty. I think she is wonderful, with great very beachy colors and composition, but I know exactly what you mean. It always helps to set a piece aside for a few days or weeks, then return to it. If you like it after that time, declare it finished. If not, either put it back away or proceed to take your piece to the next level.

To be honest, I have to agree with Angie. Not that I'm an artist, but I seldom get on paper what was originally in my head. I usually go with the flow when that happens. Have a great rest of the weekend, dear.

New End Studio said...

Amanda she looks so ladylike and refined, the shell in her hand is a nice look.
I am frustrated with not being able to get my vision/idea on paper, it's sad to let go of ideas that will not come to fruition. My hands won't make what my mind sees.

This is one of yours that I also like:

Leada Wood said...

Your mermaid is very beautiful! Love the colors and the shell in her hand.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Lovely mermaid for the IA theme! I just love her glittery body & shell necklace! Thanks for your kind words on my blog!

see you there! said...

A very clever use of the picture of the woman turned into a mermaid. Great color combo.